I.C.T. srl  and DEYCO management has defined the environmental policy that is part of the general policy of the company. For this, it has taken into account the nature of the environmental impacts derived from its activities.


The environmental policy of I.C.T. srl  and DEYCO defines the principles that form the basis of the environmental management system and is reviewed periodically and communicated to all employees, being also available to interested parties through placement in the access panel to all ICT workers, as well as how you contract and / or subcontractors.


The principles of the environmental policy of I.C.T. srl  and DEYCO are the following:



We are a company dedicated to machining and heat treatament. As part of the development of our activity, we believe that we must integrate criteria of sustainable development that guarantee an adequate management of resources and protection of the environment, that responds to the demands of society, in all our processes.


ICT  and DEYCO through joint work establishes a commitment, in collaboration with our clients, for the protection of the environment.


Our processes are developed always contemplating compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, as well as other requirements that ICT  and DEYCO voluntarily subscribes. Finding solutions that prevent pollution and minimize environmental impact, in all activities linked to our company.


ICT and DEYCO develops its environmental management through a system based on the UNE-EN ISO 14001 standard, whose basis is continuous improvement governed by the establishment of objectives and goals. The promotion of awareness of our staff, suppliers, contractors and society in general, for an improvement in environmental management, reducing the impact on our natural environment, together with the prevention required by us, makes us ahead of future demands .


We are committed to compliance and dissemination of the principles of awareness, empowerment and correct environmental management.