The purpose of I.C.T. – DEYCO. It is to manufacture components, acording  the expectations of our  customers, as well as the company.

As a fundamental part of this achievement, the Management is committed to carry out the implementation of a Quality Management System that defines and reflects the organization  quality  policy for our products.

our  quality policy  is based on meeting  the expectations, needs and requirements of our customers, as well as legal and regulatory, establishing and maintaining the high quality of our products and services.

In summary, the quality policy of I.C.T – DEYCO is based on the following principles:

  1. Our policy is based on the client. Therefore, knowing your needs and your judgments is fundamental for us, so we can provide a good service and a good product
  2. Continuous improvement, in all areas, is the only guarantee of survival. Our goal is to reduce errors by eliminating the causes and introducing preventive schemes. Apply the modern concepts of Quality to our entire management. Our goal is zero defects.

III. we measure the quality We measure quality by contrasting  the specifications and requirements, but also, in exceeding the expectations of our customers. in each and every one of the aspects of our business. Reaching this goal assures us leadership on our path to excellence.

  1. The most valuable asset that the company has is its staff. so it is the mission of the Management provide each and every one of the members of our Organization the necessary training and development to carry out the tasks entrusted to them. existing technologies.

 All employees must comply with the ethical commitment.  According to the company committed ethics and conduct policy.

  1. Our suppliers contributes to help us to satisfy the needs of our Clients. Our attitude towards them will be of total support and harmony in our relationships.

  1. ICT- DEYCO are Commited with the social impact .We study the problems of product safety and processes to minimize potential risks to employees, customers, users and the environment.

VII. The safety of our collaborators is the  basic  point of reflection for all our actions and also for the design of our processes.